2023 Thankful Notes Week 1

In the United States the months of November and December are very busy with holiday celebrations.  So I decided to try something new this year.  Almost all of 2023 I asked the guests that were interviewed on A Quilter’s Life to share something they were thankful for.  Since this was also new for me, I did forget to ask a few of the guests and for that I’m sorry.  I do realize that some other countries have celebrated Thanksgiving already, but I decided to share these Thankful Notes throughout the month of November.

I thought it would be fun if you wanted to play along as you listen and see if you remember each guest.  I have so enjoyed listening to what they are Thankful for.  I have the list of guests along with links to contact them on the episode page (also known as show notes) for this episode if you want more information about them.  Along with their links there is also a link to their episode if you missed their story.

The first couple guests I asked them what they were thankful for, but after that I had them introduce themselves.  So the first Thankful Note is from Tânia Mogari of Tânia Mogari Quilter.  The second Thankful Note is from Lori DeJarnatt of Humble Quilts.

I want to thank each of you that shared what you are thankful for.  This was so much fun to include in the interview process.


Connect with Tânia –

Website: Tânia Mogari Quilter

Instagram: taniamogariquilter

YouTube: Tania Mogari Quilter  @taniamogariquilter4406

Facebook: Tania H T Mogari

Tânia Mogari’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Lori –

Website: Humble Quilts

Facebook: Humble Quilts

Instagram: humblequilts

Pinterest: Lori Dejarnatt

Lori Dejarnatt’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Sarah –

Website: Meaning of Life Designs

Facebook: Meaning of Life Designs by Sarah Vedeler

Instagram: meaningoflifedesigns

YouTube: Sara Vedeler Designs

Sarah Vedeler’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Amanda –

Website: Quilt It List

Pinterest: Quilt It List / ALeeB Creative

Instagram: quilt_it_list

Facebook: Quilt It List: Adventures from a Quilters Bucket List

Website: ALeeB Creative

Facebook: ALeeB Creative

Amanda Bauer’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Beth –

Instagram: gudegoods

Facebook: GudeGoods

Beth Gude’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Staci –

Website: Crafty Staci

Facebook: Crafty Staci

Instagram: craftystaci

Pinterest: Crafty Staci

Etsy: CraftyStaci

Staci Wendland’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Marlene –

Website: Kissed Quilts

Twitter: Marlene Oddie @KISSedQuilts

Pinterest: Marlene Baerg Oddie @marleneoddie

Instagram: marlene.kissedquilts

YouTube: Marlene Oddie @marleneoddie4384

Marlene (Baerg) Oddie’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Jo –

Website: The Crafty Nomad

Online Sewing School

Instagram: thecraftynomadfleet

Facebook: The Crafty Nomad

Jo Westfoot’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Sandy –

Website: Thai Charm

Instagram: thaicharmllc

Pinterest: ThaiCharmLLC

Facebook: Thai Charm LLC

Sandy Saengsuk’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Karen –

Website: Karen Bolan Designs

Instagram: karen.bolan

Karen Bolen’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


Connect with Roni –

Website: Clear Creek Quilts

Facebook: Clear Creek Quilts

Instagram: clearcreekquilts

Pinterest: Roni Neer @clearcreakquilts

Roni Neer’s episode on A Quilter’s Life


  1. Bev Evans on 11/06/2023 at 7:30 AM

    I am thankful for my dear friend Paula who graciously joined me on my quilting journey. She has taught me so much and been a true spiritual mentor not simply a quilting mentor. So many who shared were thankful for their husbands. I have no husband but I am thankful for paula’s husband who has been so supportive and generous with his time and investments financially and emotionally. I have never seen anyone as good as picking out fabrics and putting different fabrics together with a real eye for color and patterns. He has also taught me much in life as well as quilting. His amazing support of Paula is a wonderful example of a true love and patience and understanding.

    • Paula Chamberlain on 11/06/2023 at 9:41 AM

      Thank You Bev! I would have never gotten into quilting without your support.

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