Roni Neer

Most days you can find Roni Neer in her sewing loft with multiple projects going on at once.  After she kept getting asked about having a quilting class, she finally decided that there would be enough interest to try it and fell in love with teaching.  I love the quote from her grandmother who said, “Want to is 90% of anything you do.”  And Roni added that she really wanted to, therefore she is quilting!

This is the quilt that broke Roni’s heart when black thread bled

Her pattern Perpetual Petals

This Orange Peel was made with Roni’s daughter’s baby clothes

And this Gingham is one of Roni’s favorite quilts

Find out more about Roni:

Website: Clear Creek Quilts

Facebook: Clear Creek Quilts

Instagram: clearcreekquilts

Pinterest: Roni Neer @clearcreakquilts

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