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Welcome to A Quilter's Life!

It's been said that every quilt has a story and it's so true.  And I also believe that every quilter has a story to tell.  I wanted to hear about the people behind these wonderful quilts and thought you'd enjoy hearing about their lives, also.  Enjoy meandering through the website to find out about the very interesting people behind the quilts!

Latest Podcast Episodes

Joän Wulkowicz

May 25, 2020

Thanks to Tammy Bennett for reach out to one of her quilting friends, who then agreed to be interviewed. Joän…

Barb Sinsley

May 18, 2020

Barb Sinsley is a friend of Monika Hardy who has the Moments with Moni podcast.  Thanks Moni for the connection! …

Alice Brown

May 11, 2020

I’m so thankful that Alice Brown contacted me after I put a post on Facebook looking for people to interview. …

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About me and my podcast

Growing up my mother made many of our clothes and I learned to sew while in Junior High School.  I remember cutting out rectangles for a quilt, but never did put that one together.  Fast forward forty years I was able to take a quilting class with a friend and fell in love with quilting.

As my husband has the podcast wisdom-trek, I thought I should listen to quilting podcasts while quilting.  There are many good podcasts on quilting, but I wanted to hear about the quilters themselves.  There are so many good stories out there.

I hope you enjoy listening along with me as I get to interview such wonderful people.