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About 'A Quilter's Life'


It's been said that every quilt has a story and it's so true.  I wanted to hear about the people behind these wonderful quilts and thought you'd enjoy hearing about their lives, also.  Enjoy meandering through the website to find out about the very interesting people behind the quilts!

Typically, I will ask the following questions to my guests:

  1. Background
    • Born & raised
    • Where you live now
  2. Who introduced you to quilting
  3. What’s your favorite quilt
  4. Do you have a favorite tool
  5. What’s your favorite part of the quilting process: design, piece, sandwich, quilt, bind
  6. Why do you make quilts (Who do you make them for)
  7. What was your worst quilting experience
  8. Besides quilting, what other crafts do you like to do

As the show grows we will adjust these to find the stories of these wonderful quilters.