Staci Wendland

Staci Wendland has been a maker for as long as she can remember.  If there’s a technique she hasn’t tried, it’s probably on her to-do list. Staci started a blog, Crafty Staci, to share her crafting adventures.  She finds that people who haven’t tried it before are occasionally hesitant to take that first step into making things.  Her goal is to guide and inspire them to jump in and not be afraid to make mistakes along the way.  She hopes to encourage others to create and keep handmade alive and well.

Here are a couple of Staci’s quilts

Connect with Staci:

Website: Crafty Staci

Facebook: Crafty Staci

Instagram: craftystaci

Pinterest: Crafty Staci

Etsy: CraftyStaci

Thanks again to Carolina Moore for connecting me with Staci.

Find out more about Carolina on her episode of A Quilter’s Life: Carolina Moore

Here’s her other links:

Website: Always Expect

YouTube: Carolina Moore

Pinterest:  Carolina Moore

Instagram:  craftmoore

Facebook:  Always Expect Moore

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