Michelle Freedman

How many quilt brains do you have? Michelle Freedman describes her 3 quilt brains during our chat. I found it interesting that even after working all day for Maywood Studio as a quilt designer and a few other responsibilities, she is not ready to stop working on quilts when she goes home. Quilting is also her hobby and passion. So additionally she’s designing quilt patterns for her own business Stitch Well and Prosper. I also want to thank Raija Salomaa for connecting me with Michelle.

Here’s Michelle’s Oh, Hanukkah! Quilt.  This quilt is full of light for your Hanukkah celebration published by Quiltmaker November/December 2022. Made with the Nightfall collection by Maywood Studio. Pattern available at Quilting Daily.  And thanks to Quilting Daily for this wonderful picture of Michelle’s quilt.  If you want another look at it or want to purchase the pattern you can find it on QuiltingDaily.

Connect with Michelle-

Website: Stitch Well and Prosper

Instagram: stitchwellandprosper


And Thanks Raija Salomaa for connecting me with Michelle

Website: Quilters’ Treasure Chest

Website: Quilted Treasures Stitch By Stitch   (Longarm Business)

Facebook: Quilters’ Treasure Chest

Pinterest: Quilters’ Treasure Chest

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