Carolina Moore

Carolina Moore is a professional blogger, craft and quilting book author, notions inventor, and award-winning quilter living in sunny San Diego, California. It was fun to get to know her background and how quilting has become such a part of her interesting life.

When Carolina was designing this quilt back in October, she remembered looking at the layout and thinking to herself “oooh… that’s a stunner.” And that is how this quilt got its name: The Stunner Quilt.

This quilt is an example of the Free Ruler of the Month pattern that you can find on Carolina’s website.  Always Expect

Looking for her Spot on Dot?  You can see a video on how they are used by clicking here.

Other places to find Caroline are:

YouTube: Carolina Moore

Pinterest:  Carolina Moore

Instagram:  craftmoore

Facebook:  Always Expect Moore

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  1. CAROLYN BURGESS on 02/05/2021 at 1:34 PM

    Very interesting life, well accomplished in all you do.. It was a delight listening to your interview.

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