Carolyn Burgess

Carolyn Burgess’ quilt Wings of Hope caught my eye as I scrolled through Facebook.  Then after seeing her post the Angels of Hope quilt, I had to contact her for an interview.  Yes, there is a story behind these beautiful quilts and of course I wanted to hear Carolyn’s story.  For those of you who applique, you’ll want to check out her studio Appliques, Quilts and More.

Carolyn’s favorite quilt

This closeup shoes the ruching (Sewing ruching is simply a way of gathering, pleating, or the folding of extra fabric)

And her Wings of Hope

You can find Carolyn at:

Website: Appliques Quilts and More

Twitter: Appliques Quilts and More -@AppliquesM

Facebook: Appliques Quilts and More


Instagram: appliques.quilts.and.more


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