Marlene (Baerg) Oddie

Marlene (Baerg) Oddie is an engineer by education, a financial services systems professional by experience, a project manager by profession, and a quilter by passion. She believes in the KISS method and has incorporated this into her company name. I think Marlene was so wise when she first started quilting on her new longarm. She made quilts for charity so that she could test different quilting styles before she started quilting for customers.

Connect with Marlene:

Website: Kissed Quilts

Twitter: Marlene Oddie @KISSedQuilts

Pinterest: Marlene Baerg Oddie @marleneoddie

Instagram: marlene.kissedquilts

YouTube: Marlene Oddie @marleneoddie4384

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  1. Betty Baerg on 03/21/2023 at 7:57 PM

    So much fun to listen to this. Thank you so much! Loved it!

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