Tânia Mogari

As Tânia Mogari and I enjoyed making this episode of A Quilter’s Life, I was a bit chilly in the cold winter of North America and she was enjoying the sunshine of South America.  Tânia is a Brazilian quilter that found me through a Facebook post that Belle Brunner of Seams Sew Me had posted.  Tânia has been quilting for about 12 years and has had the opportunity to take several courses both in Brazil and in the US.  Three years ago she invested in a longarm machine and her business, Tânia Mogari Quilter, was born.

This is Tânia’s Stars of the Lake quilt

Find out more about Tânia:

Website: Tânia Mogari Quilter

Instagram: taniamogariquilter

YouTube: Tania Mogari Quilter  @taniamogariquilter4406

Facebook: Tania H T Mogari

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