Susan Smith

Susan Smith helps machine quilters create with confidence, freedom, and joy through her business Stitched by Susan.  She also has a podcast called Measure Twice, Cut Once….and other life lessons learned from quilters, where Susan talks to her guests about the joy, hope, and even healing that can be found in the process of creating something beautiful.  I’m so thankful that my friend, James Early of The Bible Speaks to You podcast, told Susan about me and my podcast. 

This quilt shows the typical edge-to-edge work that Susan loves to teach.

And here’s one of Susan’s fancy quilts.

Thanks Susan!

Connect with Susan –

Website:  Stitched By Susan

Facebook:  StitchedBySusan

Instagram:  stitchedbysusan

Pinterest:  Sitched By Susan / Long arm quilter & teacher

YouTube:  StitchedBySusan

And don’t forget to check out Susan’s podcast:  Measure Twice, Cut Once and other life lessons learned from quilters


Again, Thanks to James Early for connecting me with Susan!  His podcast is The Bible Speaks to You.

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  1. Susan Clark on 07/28/2021 at 4:41 PM

    Excellent interview!
    Susan’s Mastery course is extensive, detailed, well-organized—couldn’t be better💜

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