Jerriann Massey

For those of you who have grandchildren, how important was it for you to come up with the perfect grandparent name for yourself?  Jerriann Massey figured out very unique grandparent names for herself and her husband.  Jerriann and I recorded this interview before the Quilt Festival in Houston, 2022, where she was heading to have her favorite quilt shown and also to have a booth for her quilt business Annie McHugs.

Here’s Jerriann’s Promises of God quilt.

Connect with Jerriann:

Website: Annie McHugs

Instagram: anniemchugs

Facebook: Annie Mc Hugs

Website: Christian Quilt Guild

Facebook: Christian Quilt Guild

Facebook: We are called to PRAY


  1. Norine Henke on 03/19/2023 at 7:32 PM

    Where can I purchase the pattern for The Promises of God quilt?

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