Dina Newbert

It was exciting for me to learn that Dina Newbert, also known as the Quilt Concierge, has been listening to A Quilter’s Life podcast.  She is not only a quilter, but also a Quilt Judge and Lecturer.Dina’s aim is to help preserve the art of quilting by acknowledging excellent craftsmanship through Quilt Judging, programs and workshops; offering guidance that will leave participants feeling rewarded by the experience or by the prize!

This is the quilt Dina made on that first Zoom class.  It turned out well.

Connect with Dina –

Website: Quilt Concierge

Facebook: Quilt Concierge

Linkedin: Quilt Concierge

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  1. Frances Wootten on 11/21/2022 at 1:25 PM

    great job Sis!

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