Hannah Cohen

Nervexcited.  I love how Hannah Cohen came up with this new word to describe her feelings.  I think we’ve all been nervous and excited at the same time and experienced nervexcited at one point or another.  I usually conduct these interviews over the phone, but worked it out to interview Hanna through a Zoom call.  I wish I could share with you the twinkle in her eyes as we discussed her story and quilts. Hannah’s business is The Bespoke Quilter.  Although she explains her name during the interview, I also looked up the word ‘bespoke’ as it’s not commonly used in the United States.  It means made to individual order or custom-made.

Here’s a couple of pictures of Hannah with her quilts.

Connect with Hannah:

Website: The Bespoke Quilter

Instagram: thebespokequilter

First half of interview with John Scott: John Scott 1

Second half of interview with John Scott: John Scott 2 

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  1. Andy Luck on 11/14/2022 at 5:12 PM

    I really enjoyed listening to your interview with Paula , I didn’t really know much about quilting so it was interesting to learn some things.
    Thanks very much for making this recording ~ it was really fun! 🤩 🥰 x

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