Floyd Bullock

Many of us remember Floyd the barber on the Andy Griffith show.  Well, I got to interview Floyd the Quilter!  Turning Memories Into Heirlooms is Floyd Bullock’s theme as he creates quilts for his customers.  I’m impressed by his attention to the details he collects before starting on a quilt so that his customers can receive the product they desire.

Here’s Floyd’s links:

Floyd The Quilter website

Floyd The Quilter Facebook

Floyd The Quilter Linkedin

Floyd Bullock on Pinterest


  1. Ann Bench on 03/16/2021 at 2:02 AM

    Now I know where I got confused about, Floyd Bulloch Being the barber on Andy Griffith show. it did not make sense to me. but now I understand. LOL I am a quilter also. My goof Have a good day… Ann Bench I’ll see ya on face book.

    Many of us remember Floyd the barber on the Andy Griffith show. Well, I got to interview Floyd the Quilter!

  2. Ann Bench on 03/16/2021 at 2:49 AM

    I have been a quilter since 1987, learning at the local library in Tomball Texas. I am now 75 years old. Back in the days when I first started, I met a few ladies who were just learning also. We wanted to bring our lunch to the library but the library rules would not allow us to do that. So we started looking for a place where we could all meet each week and have our lunch too. We found one at a county park in Tomball not far from my home. So I called and reserved the big room for each Thursday for the year at no cost to us. The” Tomball Area Quilters,” began and the group grew and grew as word got out. It became a very large group of quilters. We were very lucky to have a lot of very knowledgeable quilters join and help all of us new just learning quilters learn the ropes. I learned fast as I already knew how to sew but had never made a quilt. You could say we became infected with the Quilting Fever. We all learned fast to buy 100s of yards of fabric every chance we got. And that started out addiction to hoarding fabric and patterns. I personally have made about 100 quilts and have 25 quilt tops ready to be quilted. There is a problem in that I don’t like the hand quilting part. but love the pricing and the creative ways to put the fabric of many colors and prints into a work of art. I was overjoyed when my husband agreed to convert our 2 1/2 car garage into my sewing room. I and in this room more than any other room in my house. I am in make a quilt top mode and keep starting a new quilt project. but also have been working on a lot of old forgotten about projects. Some are set of quilt blocks made by the Tomball area quilters group. every month we were to make a quilt block and some lucky quilter would win the set of blocks. I was the lucky winner many times over 20 or so years. and I have started working on some of the sets of blocks I had stored away and forgotten about. I started cleaning my sewing room and going through all the tote boxes filled with sets of quilt blocks that I won years ago. I have been busy working on these and other projects of my own. Needless to say, My sewing room is one heck of a mess! LOL But I am being creative and productive and loving every minute of it.

  3. ANN BENCH on 03/17/2021 at 11:05 PM


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