Beth Minnick

Beth Minnick is such an encourager!  She tells about encouraging youth, but she also was very encouraging to me as we did this interview.  She can find the beauty in projects that others would overlook.  I loved her statement: The less you have the more creative you have to be.

The first quilt is Beth’s 25 years in the making Lone Star.  There are pictures of the back as well to show the different color of the quilting her mom used.

The second quilt is the one that people didn’t like.  Beth still loves it and love the colors.

The third quilt is the first quilt Beth made for herself and kept.   Beth said the olive green looks so green in these pictures and it really doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb!  Lol

These last pictures are of the project Beth is working on now.  The quilt that her mother started.

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