Teri Tope

Teri Henderson Tope is an internationally recognized teacher and lecturer who loves all types of applique. She is creative and full of life which shows up as she’s up early and gets more done before noon than most others accomplish all day.  I meant to ask Teri about her motto “Well behaved women seldom make history, so let’s make a little history”. But I think a bit of that shows through in this interview.  I love that she always finds something good about each day.

I found the following paragraph on Teri’s website.  She has accomplished so much!

Her quilts have been exhibited in shows across the United States and in Japan, winning an award or two. Her quilts and patterns have been published in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, Quilter’s Quarterly, The American Quilter, Keepsake Quilting and Clotilde. Teri is the Author of “Applique in Reverse” published by the American Quilter’s Society. And has designed over 35 patterns for her company, Material Girl Designs. She has been a member of the Applique Society since 1998 and served 6 years on the TAS board as Marketing Chair. She is a member of The National Quilter’s Society and its Columbus Ohio chapter, The Quintessential Quilting of which she served as Vice President and President, and the American Quilters Society. Teri loves to travel, teach, lecture and share her joy of applique.

We talked about these two quilts during the interview.

He Loves Me

This is the way Teri appliques feathers

  Connect with Teri.

Website:  Teri Tope

Facebook:  Teri Tope

Instagram:  teritope

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  1. Gail Brown on 04/18/2024 at 7:44 PM

    Such beautiful work. I wish my applique was half as good.

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