Lisa Shepard Stewart

Lisa Shepard Stewart encourages others to express themselves creatively through culturally relevant techniques and materials.  Although she loves African fabrics with every fiber of her being, she also loves to learn and share about other cultures from around the world.

The intro on this episode is going to be a bit longer than normal because during the interview Lisa experienced an earthquake.  I didn’t want to leave that part in the middle of her interview, but I do want to share it.  I’ve edited it so you aren’t hearing Lisa repeat, “Paula hold on.”  and time between statements as she was figuring it out.  Then after she called back we had a little conversation about it.  Also, I wanted Lisa to have this recording of a major event in her life.  So glad that she was safe during this!

When you listen to the interview you will hear a soft hum when I ask the question What message would you want to leave with them?  I believe that hum was the beginning of the earthquake.

Here are some of Lisa’s quilts:

Korhogo Antelope and Citron Moon

Corded Cabin and Makola On My Mind wall hangings

I’m so glad I had the priviledge of meeting Lisa at QuiltCon 24

Connect with Lisa

Website: Cultured Expressions

Instagram: culturedexpressions

Facebook: Cultured Expressions

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