Scarlett Rose

Well known for her Celtic knotwork designs for applique, sashiko, embroidery and quilting, Scarlett Rose also enjoys designing delightful scrap quilts based on traditional patterns. She brings a unique perspective to these redesigned classic patchwork patterns, keeping the vintage look but using easier techniques for the construction.

Here’s a couple photos of Scarlett’s quilts, which were made into digital patterns that she sells through her website and in her Etsy shop.
You can find Scarlett at:


  1. Kathy Barnes on 06/04/2022 at 12:46 PM

    Hi Scarlett. I’m Kathy Barnes from Sunshine Quilters in San Diego where you recently were our speaker. You mentioned a challenge that involved color, shape and something else (size?) I belive it involved a box of crayons. Can you share the details? I’d like to use it for our Guild’s next challenge. Thank you.

    • Paula Chamberlain on 06/04/2022 at 9:10 PM


      I reached out to Scarlett because I don’t know if she was going to see this and here is her response: Kathy,

      I think you mean the Paint Chip Challenge. My local guild has done this as a special exhibit for several of their quilt shows. The chair picks a color, then choses a paint chip with 3 or more shades of that color on it. Everyone has to use those shades in their quilts and are allowed to pick one other color to go with it. Sometimes we have set a size limit, but that’s up to you. This year we didn’t do that.


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