Robin Koehler

Quilting has changed Robin Koehler’s life in so many ways and she gets the most joy out of inspiring others!  I had so much fun hearing her story as well as finding out how Nestlings by Robin came about.  Robin’s main focus is being a quilt designer and teacher.  But she also does hand quilting commissions and is an AQS certified quilt appraiser.  The term she likes to use for herself is Heritage Architect which is so fitting!

Here are some of Robin’s quilts:

Well Loved Ladies

Tulip Pinwheels

Tulip Flourish

If you’d like to connect with Robin:

Website: Nestlings By Robin

Facebook: Nestlings By Robin

Facebook Group: Robin’s Rocking Needles

Instagram: nestlings1

Blog: Nestlings By Robin

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  1. Karen Wacker on 02/05/2024 at 1:56 PM

    Hello Robin. I have a quilt that my Mother-in-law hand made for my husband and me. I would like to contact you regarding its value , quality and sale. Please fee free to call me at 716-622-5429. Thanyou for your kind consideration.
    Karen Wacker

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