How Was Your 2020?

How did you handle this year of 2020?  Hope you were able to work on your beautiful quilts!  I thought it would be fun to ask some of my previous guests, that had been interviewed before this year, how 2020 was for them and if they were able to make a special quilt this year.  After contacting a few, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to get to everyone I wanted.  All my guests have been so wonderful.  I did get to visit with Darlene Martin, Lani Nagy, Ruth Hong, Jean Pickering, and Tammy Bennett.  Wow, what a year we have been through!

Darlene and Jean sent pictures of quilts they made this year.

Here’s Darlene’s:

And here’s Jean’s:

If you’d like to listen to their previous episode you can use these links:

Darlene Martin 

Lani Nagy

Ruth Hong

Jean Pickering 

Tammy Bennett

Also, Lani’s YouTube Channel: Crafty Traveler


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  1. Jean Pickering on 12/29/2020 at 3:33 AM

    Thanks, Paula, for your dedication to quilting!
    It was good chatting with you again!

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