Elsie Coleman

“I’m just an old fashioned lady.  Been around a long time.”  That’s how Elsie Coleman introduced herself to me.  I had the privilege of going to Elsie’s home to interview this centenarian and seeing her beautiful quilts.  She continues to make amazing quilts.

Newspaper articles about Elsie in 1995 and 1999

Quilt that was raffled in 2012 and info on it

Some of her quilts

Quilt that her Aunt Ella made.  Elsie is pointing out the flower that was made from her childhood clothing.

Cross Stitch that she needs to quilt yet

The first quilt she used fabric paint and then quilted around.  The second quilt shows her amazing hand quilting.

The tag is on her quilt with nine patches.

Elsie embroidered the angles and then put them in a quilt.

I was amazed that this quilt was pieced!

This Cross Stitched and Hand Quilted quilt Elsie made for her sister.

Elsie just loved this little elephant.  She found the circle material at Side Stitchin’ Quilt Shop.

Baby Quilt

Dresden Plate

Chrstmas Log Cabin

Elsie and her daughter-in-law used the same fabric and made different quilts.  Here’s Elsie’s.

She loves the bright colors in her quilts.


Thanks again to Shirley Cox, Loretta Farley, and Sally Maddox for connecting me with Elsie.

Website: Side Stitchin’

Facebook: Side Stitchin’ Quilt Shop

Instagram: mysidestitchin


  1. Lauren on 02/26/2024 at 5:54 AM

    What a wonderful episode. My own Grandma lived almost to 101. She was such an inspiration like Elsie. May she be blessed with continuous good health. Loved seeing all her work.

  2. Rachel Summy on 02/28/2024 at 12:33 PM

    Delightful interview! Loved seeing pictures of Elsie and her quilts too! Thanks so much!

  3. Cookie King on 04/19/2024 at 2:36 PM

    It was pure joy listening to Miss Elsie and hearing about her life and quilts! Loved every minute of this episode!! All are great, but she takes the cake!

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