Erin Grogan

Erin Grogan was able to leave a job that she didn’t care for to start her own quilting businessLove Sew Modern.  Her goal with the patterns she designs is to create the beauty she wishes to see in the world and to help others find their creative voices too.  Erin has a unique style that everyone is falling in love with.

Erin and I recorded this episode before QuiltCon 2024 in Raleigh, NC, so we talked about attending.  But by the time this is released QuiltCon will have come and gone.  Erin and I did get to connect at QuiltCon.  I’m posting the picture of us together down below.

Here’s Erin’s Apparotlly It’s a Party Quilt that she taught on the Caribbean Cruise.

Connect with Erin –

Website: Love Sew Modern

Instagram: lovesewmodern

Facebook: Love Sew Modern

Pinterest: Erin Grogan – Love Sew Modern

Here’s Erin and me at QuiltCon2024

Also, Thanks again to Carolina Moore for the connection with Erin Grogan.

Here’s where you can find Carolina:

Website:  Always Expect

YouTube: Carolina Moore

Pinterest:  Carolina Moore

Instagram:  craftmoore

Facebook:  Always Expect Moore

Podcast: I Love Notions

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