Jean Pickering

On this episode I visited with an amazing woman, Jean Pickering. You’re going to enjoy hearing how she has reinvented herself through different stages of life while all along having the hobby of quilting. I had such a fun time hearing her story and seeing many of her wonderful quilts.   

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Episode Quick List

Episode Quick List 2019 Jean Pickering Victoria Garten Albert Williams Beverly Evans Tammy Bennett Darlene Martin Guthrie & Paula Chamberlain Ruth Hong Donna Jones Marla Knoch Work Lani Nagy Marilyn Parks Thelma Oliver Ginny Guthrie Caplinger Cheri Kenney Nancy Crandall Carolyn Schmitt 2020 Rose Turner Payne Meg Glesener Annie Smith Joy Sims Kealy Parrish April…

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Wendy Appell

I was connected with Wendy Appell in a roundabout way.  My sister, Lois Gillette, walks with her friend, Dorcus Williams, who’s daughter’s mother-in-law is Wendy. Thank you Lois and Dorcus for talking about A Quilter’s Life and being able to connect me with Wendy.  Wendy and I found out we had something else in common. …

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Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Thanksgiving as we celebrate in the USA. I am so thankful for you!  Please listen this week to hear what I’ve been up to and what’s happening with A Quilter’s Life coming up. Quilts from the Mid-Ohio Valley Heritage Quilt Show “Terries Cherries” made by Albert Williams & Terrie Bohon.  And was quilted by…

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How Was Your 2020?

How did you handle this year of 2020?  Hope you were able to work on your beautiful quilts!  I thought it would be fun to ask some of my previous guests, that had been interviewed before this year, how 2020 was for them and if they were able to make a special quilt this year. …

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