Raija Salomaa

Although sewing since childhood, Raija Salomaa didn’t get introduced to quilting until she was in her late twenties.  Quilting took over her life very quickly, and before long she was designing her own quilt patterns through her business Quilters’ Treasure Chest.  Having taught quilting in the years past Raija is very aware of the need for precise, accurate, and easy-to-follow instructions. Hence Raija spent years developing patterns that will deliver much more than your average quilt pattern.  From detailed instructions, including pressing directions, to color pictures, to stand-alone Quilt Assembly Diagram postcards, Raija has put a lot of thought and effort into developing a pattern format that will impress even the most demanding quilter.

Here’s Raija’s newest quilt, Rosina.

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Website: Quilters’ Treasure Chest

Website: Quilted Treasures Stitch By Stitch   (Longarm Business)

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