Melissa Struttmann

It was fun to realize that this episode would be released during the week of Melissa Struttmann’s open house celebrating Osage Hills Retreat’s 2-year anniversary.  Melissa has put so much thought, work, and love into creating a wonderful place for crafters to gather.   She has learned through her life with the excellent work she has accomplished to bring all her expertise together.  You can easily see this in the events that she offers at Osage Hills Retreat.  Please take a moment to look at her episode page on A Quilter’s Life website to see her quilt that four generations worked on.  Notice in the picture of the quilt there’s the little black sewing machine that she used on that project.

Here’s Melissa’s favorite quilt that four generations worked on

Connect with Melissa about Osage Hills Retreat

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And here’s her links for Osage Hills Quilting

Website: Osage Hills Quilting

Facebook: Osage Hills Quilting 

Instagram: osagehillsquilting

Etsy: OsageHillsQuilting


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