Maude MacDonald

I enjoy listening to Susan Smith’s podcast Measure Twice Cut Once.  The other day I was listening to her interview with Maude MacDonald.  And when I heard that Maude had been a roller derby girl, I had to send her a note.  I just love roller derby and I had questions!  Maude is The Retro Quilter and she has been designing beautiful modern quilts!

Here’s Maude’s quilt Boogie Nights.  The pattern for this is on her website.

Connect with Maude:

Website: the Retro Quilter

Instragram: theretroquilter

Facebook: The Retro Quilter

YouTube: the Retro Quilter

And I’m so thankful to Susan Smith for interviewing Maude first so that I had the opportunity to meet her.  Check out Susan’s episode on A Quilter’s Life and here’s her links:

A Quilter’s Life: Susan Smith

Website:  Stitched By Susan

Facebook:  StitchedBySusan

Instagram:  stitchedbysusan

Pinterest:  Sitched By Susan / Long arm quilter & teacher

YouTube:  StitchedBySusan

And don’t forget to check out Susan’s podcast:  Measure Twice, Cut Once and other life lessons learned from quilters

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