Marsha Cowan

Marsha Cowan and her husband, Izzy, found a business that they could work on together when they opened Be Sew Creative.  I love the relationship they have with their employees. Either they have the best employees in the world or they are the best people to work for.  I have a hunch that it’s a bit of both.

Here’s some pictures I took at Martha’s quilt shop, Be Sew Creative, when I visited in August of 2022:

Connect with Marsha:

Website: Be Sew Creative – NM

Facebook: Be Sew Creative

Instagram: be_sew_creative


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  1. Linda Martindale on 01/19/2023 at 6:47 PM

    I loved hearing about Marsha’s story and background. So much I didn’t really know about her. But she really is a great quilt teacher and a wonderful shop owner with her husband, Izzy!!

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