Lura Wilcoxen

I’m very excited to bring this episode to you for several reasons.  One is that this is the 100th episode of A Quilter’s Life!  We’ve been able to reach this milestone because of you listening and because of all the wonderful quilters that agreed to be interviewed.  Each episode has been wonderful!  I’m so happy that Lura Wilcoxed is my guest on this episode.  Lura is local to where I live and although we live in a small community I never would have met her if it wasn’t for A Quilter’s Life.

1863 Quilt

2019 Alzheimer’s Quilt

2021 Alzheimer’s Quilt

Grandmother’s Blocks

Honeybee Quilt

The cement leaves:

If you’d like to donate to the 2021 Walk to End Alzehimer’s under Lura:

2021 Walk to End Alzehimer’s

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