Lacie Messerly

It’s been exciting to see the quilting community grow so much in the last few years.  Along with that we are seeing more quilting podcasts being made.  A few weeks ago I had the privilege of interviewing Amanda Oros of Not Your Granny’s Quilt Show.  And while chatting with her she told me about Lacie and Ashelyn of The Grateful Thread Podcast.  Of course, I’m thrilled to get to share these quilting podcasts with you.

On this episode I get to chat with Lacy Messerly, one of the co-hosts of The Grateful Thread Podcast and owner of Messy Quilts.  She strives to have open and honest communication with her clients to create a quilt to be loved forever.  Lacie mentions sending me pictures of the wonderful quilts we talked about and here they are:

Connect with Lacie

Website: Messy Quilts

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Also find Lacie and Ashelyn on The Grateful Thread Podcast

A podcast and community where cool quilting newbies and experienced quilters unite!

You Can Sit With Us!



I’m so glad that Amanda Oros suggested I meet Lacie and Ashelyn!

Connect with Amanda

Website: Sweet Pea Design Co.

Instagram: sweetpeadesigncompany

Facebook: Sweet Pea Design Company

Instagram: notyourgrannysquiltshow

YouTube: Not Your Granny’s Quilt Show

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