Ashelyn Downs

A millennial and serial entrepreneur with a million ideas floating around, Ashelyn Downs began her quilting journey while running yet another business and realized her love for design and married the two passions to bring more fun and modern quilts to the ever-expanding quilting world.

Her mission is to create a community for other modern quilters to find the confidence and inspiration to make beautiful quilts that fit their lifestyle.

I love how Ashelyn jumps in with both feet to reach her ideals.  Even as a young girl she made a unique way to sell lemonade.  Imagine a little girl coming up to your door to offer you to buy her lemonade instead of just having a lemonade stand in front of her house.

Here’s Ashelyn’s first quilt pattern that she talked about.

And here’s her 9th&9th quilt

Connect with Ashelyn

Website: Urban Dwell Studio

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Also find Ashelyn and Lacie on The Grateful Thread Podcast

A podcast and community where cool quilting newbies and experienced quilters unite!

You Can Sit With Us!



I’m so glad that Amanda Oros suggested I meet Lacie and Ashelyn!

Connect with Amanda

Website: Sweet Pea Design Co.

Instagram: sweetpeadesigncompany

Facebook: Sweet Pea Design Company

Instagram: notyourgrannysquiltshow

YouTube: Not Your Granny’s Quilt Show

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