Karlee Porter

I’ve always been amazed by whole cloth quilting, but Karlee Porter has taken it to a whole new level!  She has developed graffiti quilting which is a very unique technique that encompasses a copious amount of quilting designs.  Ten years ago Karlee wrote a book to share this technique with others and quilters fell in love with it.  Graffiti Quilting has grown so much that Karlee updated her bookand her class to offer her students to not only to make quilts be more beautiful with each traditional rule that is broken, but with each new design combination they learn skills that will sky-rocket as they build the muscle memory to execute all the free-motion quilting visions.

Here’s an example of Graffiti Quilting that Karlee made.


Here’s the links Karlee talked about in her episode:

The royal huntress video:


The Ira Glass Creative Process Video:



If you’re interested in Karlee’s class she has given me an affiliate link so that you can save $25.

Use AQL25   when you sign up at  https://www.karleeporter.com/product-category/education/ 


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