Dick Du Puis

I had a wonderful time walking down memory lane with Dick Du Puis.  I want to encourage you to go to Dick’s episode page on aquilterslife.com, if you haven’t already, to check out the pictures and links I’ve found for him.  What does a successful clothing designer do when they retire?  Evidently, part of that is making quilts!  At 91, Dick is still busy making quilts, isn’t that great?

He told me about a book that was done about his life, but I couldn’t find it.  Thanks to Cristina Perez for finding the book about Dick Du Puis!!  Here’s the link:  Devotional Embers – Dick Du Puis

Here are some of his quilts:

This picture is of his girls in the garden

Dick’s designs are amazing!  Here’s the link.

Jack Bryan designed by Dupuis. 

Found this great article that was written about Dick on August 8, 2011

Nursing Home Resident Surprises Staff With Rare Talent, Unknown Past

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