2022 Tips

Quilting Tips:

18 – Take a class.  Find someone that makes the kinds of things you want to make and take a class from them.

17 – Set up your sewing space to fit your needs

16 – Don’t be afraid of color

15 – Use colors and techniques you like

14 – Don’t give up

13 – There are different ways to do things, so find what works for you

12 – Leaders & Enders by Bonnie Hunter

11 – Use weight on ruler

10 – Use a design board

9 – Accurate seam allowance

8 – Use seam ripper

7 – Chair-proper fit

6 – Get best tools that you can afford

5 – Just do it, try something new, ask questions, stretch yourself

4 – Work with others, be part of a group

3 – Use iron/pressing

2 – Pay attention to directions, especially measuring & cutting (Measure twice/Cut once)

1 – Keep it fun, enjoy the process, there are no quilt police, do what you love, take your time


And a special Thank You to Carolina Moore and Belle Brunner.  Here are their links:



Website:  Always Expect Moore.com

Looking for her Spot on Dot?  You can see a video on how they are used by clicking here.

Other places to find Caroline are:

YouTube: Carolina Moore

Pinterest:  Carolina Moore

Instagram:  craftmoore

Facebook:  Always Expect Moore



Website: Seams Sew Me

Instagram: seams_sew_me

Facebook: Seams Sew Me

YouTube: ‘Belle’ of Seams Sew Me

Etsy: SeamsSewMeShop

Pinterest: Belle of Seams Sew Me

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  1. Alice Brown on 01/19/2023 at 11:06 AM

    Wonderful tips! Thank you!

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