Joy Sims

There are wonderful quilters all around the world and I had the privilege of visiting with Joy Sims while she is in France.  I want to thank my sister, Lois Gillette, for connecting me with her friend Joy. Joy has been able to use quilting to connect with people in France and I love how she was able to share with me, “The fact that sitting across the table from someone with a needle in your hand and working with a piece of fabric somehow opens up a door for a conversation that goes deeper than just what you’re doing.”

Here’s a sample of Joy’s beautiful quilts!

Churn dash with appliqué on an embroidered handkerchief.

This is a French embroidered handkerchief that Joy mounted on a piece of fabric and quilted.  The monogram is in the left hand corner.

Click here to find Joy Patchwork Tuto

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