Andi Stanfield 2024 Update

Andi Sanfield realized that her style of quilting and teaching can encourage others to express their creativity in a tangible way.  She decided to create fabulous designs with easy-to-follow patterns for the adventurous quilt makers in the world.  People are excited about the designs and eager to enroll in her online quilting classes.

As I mentioned last week, Andi and Tori McElwain have come together to bring us another wonderful quilting podcast calledQuilting on the Side.  So I reached out to them to bring you these updates of what’s been happening in their lives since we last spoke.  It was fun to be updated on what they’ve been up to and this episode is my chat with Andi.

Andi and I talked about her A Little Bit Different quilt.

And here’s Andi with her 6 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ ruler to help make the A Little Bit Different blocks.

Connect with Andi –

Website:  True Blue Quilts

Facebook:  True Blue Quilts

Instagram:  truebluequilts

Pinterest:  True Blue Quilts

YouTube:  True Blue Quilts


And check out Quilting on the Side with Andi and Tori!

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